How to Take Your Wedding Invitations to the Next Level

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Traditional stationary is so yesterday! Today’s trendsetting invitations are more creative than ever. It’s so easy to add a personal touch to your wedding invites. Everything from the RSVP card to the envelope can be customized to create a look that perfectly fits the theme of your big day. Here are a few ways to take your wedding invitations to the next level. Trust us, your guests won’t want to take them off the fridge once the wedding is over!

Envelope Liners

Add a pop of color, bold design, or idyllic picture to an otherwise boring element of your invitation suite – the envelope. Even though envelope liners are a popular trend, they’re still relatively inexpensive. There are several tutorials online that will show you how to create your own, or you can discuss options with your printer. The envelope liner can include a photo of your venue or a sneak peek of your wedding’s theme. The more personalized, the better! 

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Perfect for the travel-obsessed couple, map invitations can be functional as well as beautiful. Having a map of the wedding location can be very helpful for your guests. They’ll thank you for pointing out local areas of interest and the nearest coffee shop, in case they arrive early for sightseeing or need to caffeinate before they hit the dance floor! If you’re having your wedding within driving distance, also include some simple directions.

Maps can also be romantic in nature, showing each person’s hometown with a heart connecting the two, or the city where you met. 

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Relationship Timeline

Do the two of you have an epic love story rivaling Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s? Share your modern-day romance with an invitation that documents all the important milestones in your relationship. This is a unique way to let your guests in on the history you share together.

Because this type of invite is so personal, you’ll likely need to work with a graphic designer to create it. Make sure to talk to them about font and graphic style to ensure the final product fits with the overall theme of your wedding.

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Laser-Cut Elements

Laser-cut paper adds a touch of classic elegance to your invitations while still feeling modern, depending on the color you choose. Use laser-cut details to frame your Save The Date, or fold them over the top and tie together with a bow for a gift-wrapped effect. You can even create an accordion-like 3D wedding invitation with laser-cut paper. How unique is that?! 

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Why so serious? It’s your wedding day after all – it’s supposed to be fun! If you love to laugh and have a good time, don’t be afraid to let your fun-loving attitude shine through in your invitations. Couples who have a sense of humor are our favorite, and we think your guests will agree!

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Do you have any tips on how to create perfect wedding invitations that are uniquely you? Drop into the comments below and let us know what you think! 


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